A 60,000 year connection to Country is sustaining a remarkable environment and culture across West and Central Arnhem Land.

The Karrkad Kanjdji Trust was established by the Traditional Owners of Warddeken and Djelk Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) in 2010. The name they gave us, Karrkad Kanjdji (pronounced gar-gut gun-jee), refers to the stone country highlands and savanna lowlands of Arnhem Land. 

Our vision is that current and future generations of Bininj (Indigenous people) and Balanda (non-Indigenous people) can work together to support the sustainability of land management and cultural heritage work, while enabling the ongoing self-determination of the people of West and Central Arnhem Land.

Board Members

The Karrkad Kanjdji Trust operates independently from locally-based Indigenous organisations. It is led by skilled Indigenous and non-Indigenous Directors. The Directors maintain a strong focus on succession planning.

Justin Punch (Co-Chair)
Dean Yibarbuk (Co-Chair)
Emeritus Professor Jon Altman AM (Director)
Otto Campion (Director)
John Dalywater (Director)
Teya Dusseldorp (Director)
Frederick Hunter (Director)
Cindy Jinmarabynana (Director)
Margie Moroney (Director)
Terrah Guymala (Alternate for Warddeken)
Conrad Maralngurra (Alternate for Warddeken)
Annette Miller (Alternate for Mimal)

Staff Members

Karrkad Kanjdji Trust is a lean operation, ensuring maximum value is delivered from funds and invested in projects. We have a very dedicated team who work to fulfil the wishes of community.

Peter Barren, Finance Manager
Sophie Clarke, Grants Coordinator
Stacey Irving, CEO
Amelia Ellerton, Impact Manager
Alex Loimaranta, Admin and Operations Support